Perforating machine “Dominanta”


Perforation speed up to 80 m/min

Roll diameter on the unwinding  up to 700 mm

Roll width on the unwinding up to 600 mm

Roll diameter on the winding up to the 600 mm

Roll width on the winding up to the 600 mm

Thickness of perforated material  over than 25 microns

Diameter of perforations 1.1 mm

Distance between the perforated holes 5 mm

Power supply 220 V 50 Hz (single phase net)

Power consumption up to 1.5 kW

Weight 150 kg

Dimensions 1120x660x1120 mm

Perforating machine “Dominanta” performs punching of polypropylene packing material of 600 mm in width and of 25 microns in thickness. The hole grid is being formed when you pull the material through the perforating unit. The customer determines the design of perforation and the distance between the holes that are based on application of perforated material. Speed of processing is up to 80 m/min.

 Perforated material that is processed on the “Dominanta” machine further is used for producing of the “breathable” package. This package allows storing foods for a long term without reducing their consumer properties. The range of application includes the packing for bakery products, sausages and vegetables.

The machine can be produced as a single unit or be embedded in the printing and the packing machines as separate module.