Counting-reeling machine "Delta”


Speed up to 100 m/min

Reel maximum diameter for unreeling
700 mm

Reel maximum diameter for reeling
300 mm

Reel width
up to 280 mm

Sensor type for label counting

Sensor type for meter counting

Electrical supply      220 V50 Hz (single phase mains)

Consumed power      up to 1,2 kW

Weight      up to 200 kg

Overall dimensions     880 x 690 x 1600 mm

"Delta” counting-reeling machine performs reeling and length cutting of printed material at speed up to 100 m/min with standard bushing of 76 mm in diameter for two receiving shafts. Spindles of receiving shafts are easy to remove and allow to shift from reeling on bushing of 76 mm in diameter to reeling on bushing of 25 or 41 mm in diameter.

In the course of operation products are counted by pieces (for labels) or by meters. The user can set the number of labels or meters required. The machine performs any task with high accuracy and stops afterwards.

Unified frame construction allows to set optimum sections for band edge tracking, rotary cutting and one printing section. The machine is regulated with the help of “Klinkmann” controller, on operator’s panel of which current values of technological parameters are displayed. To stabilize band tension in the course of operation and fix bushings of feeding and receiving shafts a pneumatic system, built on “Camozzi” pneumatic fittings, is used.